Wednesday, 19 March 2014


I find it hard to name the Title of the post I'm going to write. So, it'll be just a ":)"

Few things came across my mind while I was watching the new movie of SaiSai and WutMhoneShweYi,called "See Sar Thit Pin". It is not about the movie.It is all about the song I heard. I have heard of that song. However, I felt different when I heard only first few lines of it in some good parts of this movie. It is pretty cute! 

Here's its title. Click and enjoy listen it:) It might not be your taste. It is not my very favourite too. The reason is  its CHORUS which makes me keep playing it. 

"Yee Sar Sar" 

Well, let's get to the point now.
Yes, I have to admit that  I now feel somebody's love.I feel loved! Like the song says, I think I feel the love around me which makes me the most peaceful, warm and sweetest me. :) 

It has been two months.Seems Fast, still Slow:D 

I could not believe myself that I was not like Typical Me on the day we first met.  
- Because you know why, I usually get to speak less and shy when I go out only two person alone, even if it is my close friend.(a guy friend in this case) 

You're different.When I first saw you, I felt like I was meeting a person I have known for ages. Very Comfortable, as always!:) 

- And I might take certain time to  prepare myself, dress up to go for a date to make myself look pretty.  However, I did not really get myself prepared and I went out  in the way as usual and causal as I am, like I was going out with my friends. :D

I know you would love to see me happy and you will always make me happy. I AM, as long as I feel comfortable around a person I am with. So, it's fine. You don't need to think much to make me happy:)

Recently, I found a little paradise (my very own flower ocean, a place for "hike and seek") <3  I think I will go there very often. 

Bringing a flower fairy to such a wonderful place is undeniably precious than thousand Bouquets:) Thank you. 
[a rainy day, you and with your greenish blue little umbrella]

It is always good to make a person you love happy. Nevertheless, it is  important to share happiness, good  and bad things together when it comes to a good relationship, the stage which we are not in yet though. 

Of course, everybody wants happiness, however, life doesn't give Happiness all times. So, simple,  I don't expect to see us happy 365days by the time it lets us  happen  to be in so called relationship.(no idea of when:D)  There'll be days, definitely, we'll need to face some problems and issues. I would love to go through all of them together. I wish you'd love to do so.  

60days and you're the reason for most of my smiles since the day you came to my life.Thank you:)
I hope you feel lucky and happy like I do too. 

One thing, just like you've told me before, me too have whole a lot of things I would love to do in the future:)
At the moment, one little thing I like to do is "eating" with you:D I guess I would never get bored of it as I can always wipe and prepare the spoons and forks you eat:D (added to my list of favourite thing I love to do) :D 

Well, 60days and still counting on. 


Saturday, 1 March 2014

HELLO March!

Starting the first day of a new month with an early wake up is hugely refreshing(:

I had been working consecutive morning shifts for my past three days and it allowed me to have a sleep of 4hour and 15mins every day. That was too tiring.

Yet, I still choose to wake up early on my precious off day. Normally, I  wake up very very late on my holidays (a bad habit which I wanted to change  since too long ago). I've now changed it to a better way as I wish.yay!

The two mood: "Waking up early for the Work" and "Waking up early to your favourite plans for your holiday" is magically different to me. 

I forced myself to fall asleep early last night, in order to wake up early this morning. And I made it!(:
Had an enough sleep of about 7hours which I've been longing for  since long ago.

I set an alarm at 6:30AM (not too early though) , but I still can feel the "most quiet and peaceful moment of the day" when I woke up. As we know, Singapore is not alive till it is 10AM, and it is a weekend.:D

It was about 7o'clock when I was completely awake. "My enjoyable and productive day has begun". I did a  quick daily morning routine of mine: praying, offering water to Buddha, a very light breakfast, and I left home around 7:30AM for a good morning walk.

The mind is fresh, the body is fully awake, and the mood is awesome! I love it when things are not so in my daily routines. It is kinda boring.

Now it's time start my wonderful day~

A fresh start for a good day , a Morning Walk

-The sun has not fully risen yet. I still can feel the morning fresh breeze even though it is already a 7:30AM. I've been staying in this neighbourhood for couple of years and I just found out there are still some places I have never gone even once:D I walked here and there like for an hour and here're some beautiful things I spotted this morning~(:
     (Filter is not needed for my beautiful flowers)


Found this Big Orange Patches on a roadside <3

JASMINE (Rare to see you in Sgp)

Perfect Combination of Pink and Purple

Light Purple Tiny Blooms

it looks like Lily, but they arent, still Lovely (:

Good Morning with my Bare Face:D
Colorful Carnations <3 

Favourite Rosses,yes! <3

BEAUTIFUL,aren't they?   They somehow make my day,always.(:

I was just done with the ironing. I will take a nap after this BEST PART of my OFF DAY!
Well,when it comes to the best part, it is always my BIG LUNCH,yes!:D

Colourful Meal

my very colourful meal of the day:D
Easy Quick Lunch.  It is not because I'm dying of wanting to have it as my lunch,  only because my Chef Sister is not in Singapore who always cooks for me:( So, it happens!

A warm cup of Milk. Tomato and Carrot are my daily essentials. My Skin Nutrients! 
Sweet Potato is my all time favourite.
Honestly, I don't mind eating them for the whole month while my sister is not around. Healthy still!:D 

I think I gotta take a nap after my lunch. I need to recharge myself for the coming week. 
Happy, my day was well-spent. I had my own wonderful time and enjoyable day.

Wish you have a good weekend too!(:
Happy March! 

With love <3

Thursday, 27 February 2014

my own Happiness Project~

It's time to reflect on myself. I've recently turned 21. As I've gotten older, I've comd to know about the people around me, and somehow about the life. Still, I have a very long way to walk though. However, I believe I've learnt and I have this stage of Maturity what a person at my age supposed to have.

I stood all alone since my age of 17. Some of my friends might still have enjoyed their life being with their family at that young age. I regreted and I hated it for the path I was walking on. But, all thanks to mom, who led me to be on the long way I'm currently walking on. It is true to say that "Parents' choice will never go wrong for the children." Only if my mom did not choose this way for me, I would not have been able to stand all alone and I had not have become that Independent and mature enough:)

Time has passed too fast. "4years" was like "4months ago". And I had gone thorugh countless moments. Some gave me beautiful memories, some taught me lessons  and some faded away. Nevertheless, they are the best teachers of mine for the life I am living in,i am glad!:) 

I think I have found a way how to live a life.I did find it! Since I've stepped into the working life, I always remind myself, "Life really has started!All on my own.And  all the good things, bad things and everything, I have to write my history on my own." That's always on my mind. 
Exactly, the moment when I actually noticed how to live in my life is the time just before I turned 21. 

I found it! I found "What kind of Life I really want, what kind of Life I want to live in". It's too simple! I want to live in a  "Healthy Happy Life"  for the rest of my life. I believe everybody has the same wish as mine too.

However, this might be different from others. I want "Simplicity and Purity" will always be at the top in everything of my life:) 

I love simple things, keep myself as simple as I can.And purity?I am still trying  to be as pure as I could!:)

Well, my " Healthy Happy Life"! - the  simplest meaning of all :  "Healthy body and a pure Mind with Peace".

 A healthy you brings you a happy mindset. That's what I believe.


1.  Healthy Eating. Yes,I do love to eat healthy and clean diet.

"Colourful Meal"

My colleagues always call me "tomato girl" and I am told that I always eat healthy. 

-Yes, I include at least "tomato" and "carrot" in my daily meals. I love it when my meal is colourful.

-And I love to eat big lunch,the one and only proper meal I always have a day:D It doesn't mean that I always skip breakfast and dinner. I do eat them too, but not as much as I eat at lunch.

Of cos, excuses for someday when I am eating out!:D

2. I do sometimes Eating Out  at least , once a week. That's one of my ways to relieve my stress, yeap.

-I would pick a restaurant and eat whatsoever I want to, no matter how much the calories they really have!:D

3.Milk and Sweet-potato

-They both are my most favourite of all time! I don't mind eating them the whole day without eating any other things else.

4."NO" to them!

- COKE and soft drinks!
  Coke will never be my favourite.I would drink it only when i have no other choices. 
  Green Tea is always my first choice!;)

5. Vitamin C

-The most important thing for my skin. I do eat at least a fruit (any kind of it) for a day. And some Vitamin C supplements for sometimes.

I am happy and I love it when my skin is naturally clear. I am not a type of girl who loves those kind of make-ups, but I do put them on when I need to. I'd rather go for skincare instead of purchasing on make-ups. 

6. Natural Resources 

-Whenever I have a spare time, I go to Google and I like to find out all natural ways for my skin care.Less side effects!:) 

For example, using Lemon and Honey for the face instead of using chemical face masks.

7.Relaxing Exercises

Yes,that's one of the most important parts of my daily routine!

I go for a walk or jogging after my work if i am not too tired and always on my off days. I am so used to it and I will feel dull when i don't!
Well, it is for the skin too.Because the body needs to sweat so that the skin will get enough moisture.That's what I believe! And I feel so completely fresh and less stress when I go jogging with some good music on! That's really a NEED for my good day.

8. How I keep my mind clear.

When it comes to the MIND, I try, I am still trying my best to keep it all time "Clean and Clear".

Of course, I do have stress sometimes and most of the time it is due to my work. However, I don't usually take it too long and leave it all at the workplace after I've done. That's a way how I manage my stress. 

Thinking about the happy things, putting a smile on my face always give me a good day as well.

9.A Notebook

My weekly planner notebook, which I bring along with me wherever I go. I'll write down whatsoever I have on my mind, either on this notebook or notes on my phone, just to clear out everything out of my mind.
I write down what I am going to buy at the market when i go grocery shopping, I even write down what I'm gonna do when I reach home after today's shift, like  "shower, ironing, etc,..." some nonsense unnecessary stuffs:D  At least, I will not miss out when I refer to it.:D

10. Hobbies

-As I mentioned in my previous posts before, I like to tidy up my room and make it look always nice cos that makes me HAPPY!

11. my Travel Book

A hobby of mine! I have a book for my travel history. :D Wherever I go, I keep all the tickets and I pasted them on this book with the date and duration as remembrance:D The reason why is Looking back to that times and recalling beautiful memories always make me happpy.(:

13. Giving myself "own time"

Most of the time, I am occupied with my work, household stuffs even on my off days, and sometimes going out with my friends sometimes.
But sometimes, all I need is "Spending a period of time all alone". I leave everything behind, switch off the laptop, throw myself on the bed or sitting at my study table and reading a book. And I'll gradually fall asleep!:D 
I did not really have this so called "own time" ,but lately, I find it good for me and I try to give it to myself at least once a week.

Going out alone has been a good friend of mine after I have experienced it for a few times. I would go out alone sometimes, do shopping alone, and  I may watch a movie all alone.:D Sounds lonely,but it's COOL!

14.Self Rewarding

Usually with flowers! World's best things which absolutely give me happiness.
Always buy flowers for myself either when I am happy or when I need to give myself some freshness:)

15. Meditation

So far, I've tried only once when my mom forced mee to. It is the key for a peaceful mind i know. I will have to try it soon.

16. Less Comparison and Reflection on self

In the past, I used to compare myself with others. I now realise comparing myself with others will not make me improve or anything. And I start to compare myself to myself. "Today me must be better than the Yesterday me in every ways!" and I guess it does work!:D 

16. Live, Love, Life

Last, but not least, yes, live love life! 
I love nature. I love flowers and I am trying to love every single thing from the whole universe!:D (too much!:P) 

I'm Trying hard to be a person who can "Always be Optimistic!" and "Forgive & Forget"! It would be perfect if I can always have this pure mindset at all times.(:

17. Family Blessing

I am very thankful for the life I am having and having a very supportive family I have.
Being in a family of "open-to-everything" is such a blessing and not having "any worries" for the family is one of the best gifts that my life gives. No secrets between my family members and I love it when we can tell any problem and every single thing to my mom, even about our relationship prob. 
Thank you mom!:)

Oh Well, 17 Facts! Pretty Long. That's few parts of my current life I am living on. I am sure I still have some more to add on. That's so enough for now.

Well, when it comes to the conclusion, I am Loving the Life I'm Living at times. Yet, I'll be always looking for a much better healthier & happier life.

P.S:  Different people may define "Successful Life" in different ways. For me, "Living in a Life you really wish to is living in a successful Life". I wish I could have it for my whole entire life! (:


Friday, 21 February 2014

mission 2015!:D

I can tell that today is a productive day.I have done many things I wanted to do!:)Such a great day off!

Doing my favourite things on my lovely table is a bliss!:)
Again,I am now preparing a little something for coming 2015 on my table with new lace sheet and my favourite bunch of flowers.(:

In a process of my own project and that will be my most favourite moment of all for 2015 if it's completely finished! 

some Teasers?:D 
Black and White for now.It is not yet the time to reveal everything;)

a book.a notebook.but it is not just a book!:D

I don't really have a single idea at the moment to whom it will go to, or Will it be mine after all? haha:D 

May it go to its true owner whom i really wish to��


Addition: Looking at my old photos I was tagged in and I didn't realise that there were these few photos I was still tagged in till i scrolled down to the oldest posts. Removed them all and I feel this feeling of "bad for you" when I saw them. No worries, I'll love you more!for a thousand years!And will love you with the love I've never loved before!:D 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Beautiful Day,Beautiful Flowers and a Beautiful girl?:D

A so random day after night shifts.As usual,went for flower haunting after the last night and grabbed some lovely flowers for a treat to myself:-)

I will take them next time! 

If i have to choose white over them,I'll always go for the white rose.Pink will be the second i guess;)

So,the princess from the fairytale is here!:-P ehhhehe

An excuse for my sleepy panda eyes and pimples!:D

That's the end result of them.Well-arranged in a pink vase for my table and the rest of the go to Oo-taw!:D 

Wish you have a good day too!(:

Monday, 17 February 2014

a little space for my flowers ~

The weather is good!It is neither Sunny nor too Cloudy.Love it!:)
 Having some spare time before my night shift is asking me to drop something on my small private world. So, I'm gonna paint it with some beautiful images.Yes,flowers!!!!!!!!  What else can they be?:D

 Let's have a look at a few pictures of them I collected during my travel in 2013.Throwing Back!!!!:D

too red!
ma supan's little backyard at her place Japan :D
Some ROSEs will come first~
They aren't my most favourite, yet they are common, beautiful in nature and the fragrance is the best part of it.Most girls love them:)
I personally prefer Whit Roses.I have never seen them Blooming on the plant itself! They are rare!



Wild Flowers are loved too:)

 Flowers,but Cauliflowers!:D

They are rare to be seen in town.Love the yard.

 Mom used to grow them.I don't know what had happened to them now.Not even a single petal of Kiss_Me_Quick at home now.:D

Here it comes my most favourite Lily.I love it when mom and aunt buys them from the Market,especially when they're WHITE! Of course,they're always happened to be WHITE LILY.

I love it when mom and aunt bring some White Roses or White Lilies when I'm home.They know me the most!<3 

These green things, mom's favourite.
I love it when I get to see them on dining table.It simple makes me fresh.oh love<3

One more month to be home again. I will follow mom and will definitely haunt flowers in Burma this time. Guess. I inherit mom's interests.Too much love for plants and flowers.:D

Girls might love Bouquets! However, I find it more beautiful when they are unwrapped or they are just so simply wrapped cos they themselves  are originally very beautiful~

I don't mind being a florist for my life.:D I would love to spend my time in a small garden with some plants.:D
Mom once told me before an uncle of mine owns a big garden of Rose which is at mom's and dad's native town! Our family used to visit there and we (me,my sis and my cousins) like to play around there when we were very very young. I would definitely love to visit there again when I am back in motherland again.I don't see a chance though:(

Here's an old pic of me and my baby sister in that wonderful garden when we were very little;)  You can even see some Pine trees behind us.

Awww, those Pine tress remind me of the Pine Land,Kalaw City in Shan State,my favourite place in Myanmar!I miss it too!:(

Saturday, 15 February 2014

May February end so soooooon!��

I can see how people are waiting for February,hoping for February and loving the February.
Here I am waiting for it to end sooon. February is not meant for me,totally!And i guess not for us too.

One more week to go for this terrible month to be over. And I have to work my night shifts on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Such a good luck I have!:(

Hospital's bed situation is freaking bad these few days and all patients are stuck in ED for 48hours while waiting for the ward.New cases are coming in still. The workload has been Double, Triple and terrible! Plus if you have psycho patients and relatives with so many complaints, that's it!It's your night!It's your life! You have to face all these problems:( I wish, I wish it will not happen to me.I hope for my 3nights to be very smooth and fine.

Dear February,please be ending soon.     I feel too cold between us as we both are very occupied with our stuffs till we don't even have so much time to talk. Well,that's fine.It is a good thing too.We just need to understand the situation.At least, we are not wasting our time.We are just busy with our routines whatsoever we're supposed to be.
It is highly excepted to be worse than this in the future.Will we even have a time to say "Hi"?:P 

In the past,
-I used to be childish,I didn't know how to understand the other side, I only knew what I wanted to get,and what i wanted to be. 
-I used to get angry when he went to bed earlier than me.
-I used to "Sate kout" when he didn't reply my text immediately.I wasn't used to care whatever that person might be doing.
-I used to "not to talk" when he turned up late on the date.

I,now, realised it wouldn't work that way. Everybody should have their personal time too:) I am practising so hard to understand the side of others:D 

so,bear in mind, I will never talk to you first when you're busy.I will not disturb and annoy you when you're occupied with your stuffs, even if I want to:D

Guess I passed my self test!:D 

P.S: However, truthfully honestly, I've been missing you the whole day,so badly!������

Am I destined to disappoint on Valentine's day?

arghh.. Every social networks,Facebook,Instagram,twitter,... are so flooded with Valentine's posts:D Well,happy for them though.They look
I suppose Valentine's day is not meant for me yet. I did not get even a small piece of chocolate this year.Flowers are too far awayyyy.:(((((((
I  am not sad!:D because I chose to be so.Single by choice, like a friend of my said!:D

I remember,it was last year when I got my first ever Valentine's gift(should i say it a Surprise). I was touched,honestly, till I knew who that person was:D 
Someone left a cute box at my doorsteps in the very early morning(around5am) and a warm cup of coffee.It was amazing.I appreciate your effort!:D

And there was a card on which my name was written. Was the handwritting really similiar or was I the one who wanted that someone to be you? I doubted that it was you,and I hope it would definitely be you. Nobody would know my favourite,just so except you. That made my heart fluttered the whole day until i knew the truth. I could not help myself crying the whole night when i got to know the truth and I was turned into a cold blooded person with a piece of mentally-dead heart since then.

We weren't anymore so closed enough at that time and this so-called-Valentine's day finished us completely as "two-strangers". Such a great memory I had with Valentine's Day! 

Well,the truth is I really wanted to know if it was you.I didn't want to ask you personally though.So,I asked for a help from a close friend of mine and that text of yours saying "NOT A CHANCE!" completely erased you out of my brain,my heart and my entire life.
BUT, Thank you for those hurting words.They have changed me into a "new me" who will never ever be waiting for some uncertain dreams and chances. 

I will always be thankful to you for that because you know why,I  wouldn't meet "someone" if you had not done it to me!And I guess I would still be hopelessly hoping for your come back 
if you had not done that to me!:) 

P.S: the person who made that surprise is a friend I know!:D but yeah,i am sorry "Not a chance" to you too!my heart did not for it even a bit!:D